By J.R. Ripley:

A Bird Lover’s Mystery Series
Die, Die Birdie
Towhee Get Your Gun
The Woodpecker Always Pecks Twice
To Kill A Hummingbird

Maggie Miller Mystery Series
Buried in Beignets
Beignets, Brides and Bodies

Tony Kozol Mystery Series
Stiff In The Freezer
Skulls Of Sedona
Lost In Austin
The Body From Ipanema
Bum Rap in Branson
Gunfight In Gatlinburg

Gendarme Trenet Novels
Murder In St. Barts
Death Of A Cheat


By Marie Celine:

Kitty Karlyle Mystery Series
Dishing Up Death
Lights, Camera, Murder!
Pet In Peril


By Glenn Meganck:

George And The Angels
It’s A Young, Young World
After the Fall

For Children
Big Deal
Big Deal At The Center Of The Earth
No Big Deal
The Adventures of Jimmy Deal
Aliens In The Greenhouse


By Nick Lucas:

Five Minutes

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