Coming March 15, 2024

Coming March 15, 2024

Meet Ed: I’m Ed Turner. I call myself a private detective. You might call me an extraterrestrial. And I am. Hiding in plain sight here on Earth. Me and the others of my ilk call ourselves Pazu. I’m from a planet whose name sounds something like Zyxltl in your tongue. Zyxltl is in a star system whose name shall remain anonymous because, if I am honest and Karen says I am painfully so, we don’t want you Earthlings to know because, well, we don’t want you showing up there! Can you blame us? Disease carrying, warmongering, gossiping creatures that you are? Do we think we’re better than Earthlings? Not necessarily but, even if we’re no better, why invite trouble, am I right? Of course, I am. Who’s Karen? Karen is Karen Dalton, the young woman who walked into my one-man detective agency in L.A. and asked for my assistance in looking for her missing scientist brother. And, oh brother, what a lot of trouble she and that case turned out to be. Aliens, military madmen and madwomen, crazy Venusians, and peaches…I absolutely hate peaches!
So stick around, I’m about to tell the story…

Engine of My Dreams

Quirky and uncompromisingly inventive and unique, Glenn Eric’s Engine Of My Dreams is a swim through time, the multiverse, consciousness, and the very meaning of existence.

Weaving disparate narratives, regardless of the so-called continuum of time and space, Glenn Eric takes readers on a one-of-a-kind journey that includes Albert Einstein living in the photodimension, a story-telling Alexander Dumas, mermaids, the Afterlife, the power of music, a cosmos in which no one ever dies and nothing ever truly ends, and the simple heartfelt journey of a young man as he copes with life and death as he knows it.

So grab a seat and get ready for a ride on the Engine Of My Dreams, a wildly unique novel filled with Glenn Eric’s unique humor, pathos, and imagination.

To The Stars Forever

An old-fashioned adventure of the future...

It’s a not-so-brave new world. Corporations rule humanity. The world is a bleak and unkind place. But then the Mitoc, powerful aliens from the distant reaches of the universe, came and things got worse. Humans found themselves unable to resist the Mitoc’s call. Like sheep, they climbed aboard the vast alien spaceships, to be shipped off to the stars to fight the alien race’s war for them. To die for them.

Because millions of years ago, the Mitoc seeded Earth and a million other worlds. Programming the human species’ genetic code so when the time came, humans would have no choice but to obey them. All so that when the time was right and the creatures the Mitoc engineered were advanced enough, they would come scoop them up by the millions to fight and die for them in their timeless battle with their own relentless enemy.

This is the story of one small group of genetic defectives who, although immune to the Mitoc’s call, find themselves aboard a Mitoc ship. They are dropped on a planet in a far away galaxy to fight an enemy they never knew existed and a war they care nothing about.

Bad Vibrations

Sometimes a house IS NOT a home.

Inspired by real events, in this gripping novel of suspense, a struggling midlist romance writer and his frustrated-sculptor wife leave NYC for the North Carolina mountains. Desperate to complete his latest novel, Arlo and Joanna Priestley take his literary agent’s advice and pack up for the mountains. Their temporary home is the empty cabin belonging to Colm Finn, a successful and reclusive romance author. While Arlo attempts to write and Joanna attempts to sculpt, the spirit-haunted land has other plans. So do other people. And those plans do not bode well for the pair… In the tradition of Burnt Offerings and The Other.

“If there were a book industry equivalent of the indie music scene, one of its stars would be J.R. Ripley.” —Fort Myers News-Press


"Glenn Eric is one of those quirky singer-songwriters whose music can fit in several different genres from folk to alt rock to Americana, and manage to push the envelope in all of them. A pinch of Bob Dylan, a dash of Leonard Cohen, maybe a breath of Chris Isaak…"