Booking A Killer Vacation

A Myrtle Beach Mystery

Meet Kelly Green and Harry Leland. One is the new owner of the Beach Lovers Inn in Myrtle Beach, SC. The other is a mystery writer staying at the inn who sees mysteries and murders everywhere. When Kelly’s aunt decides to retire, she jumps at the opportunity to run the inn. Soon after, a guest is murdered and Kelly and Harry are determined to find the killer before any more guests check out for good. 

★★★★★ Diana

Deserved the best. Very entertaining. I had no idea who the killers were until the very end. I was surprised. I laughed at the quirks of the characters. Fun read. Looking forward to reading more of your books.👍👍

★★★★★ Kindle Customer

I loved this book. Since I live in South Carolina and have been to Myrtle Beach many many times. This book held my interest so much that I could not put it down. I. could never figure out who the killer was. Would highly recommend it to everyone.

★★★★★ Kindle Customer

Interesting characters. Good plot. Would like to see the characters again. Good setting. Violence was low key but enough to keep things moving along.

★★★★★ Jane Beley

Very good book. Recommend highly.

A Todd Jones Comic Thriller

Got five minutes? Well good, here’s what J.R. Ripley's amazing Five Minutes is all about…Todd Jones is a hotshot realtor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s got a hot girlfriend, too. The trouble is that Todd is a real bad judge of character, especially his own. Todd’s got himself tangled up worse than an old fishing line balled up in that long forgotten tackle box in the garage. 

 J.R. Ripley's FIVE MINUTES starts at a brisk boil and never lets up until the last sentence is laid down in this gripping comic thriller about a man whose life has taken a quick and nasty turn for the worse. And goes downhill from there. . .

Title had me wondering how one could write a book covering a 5 minute span...but 5 minutes into the book I was hooked! A great, fast read! You won't regret it!

★★★★★ Doug

This was a good bit of light and funny reading. The characters were all different yet were woven together to make the book funny and interesting.

★★★★★ Schultsie

A Todd Jones Comic Thriller

Five more minutes. That was all the woman standing outside his floundering business, Todd Jones Realty, wanted. Just five minutes. What could go wrong? Surprisingly, everything. And that’s what Todd Jones is about to learn when he allows the enigmatic Caterina Kadlec to enter his office.

Great story about a guy trying to get ahead in a complicated world. Laughed out loud several times. Loveable main character and his mom! You will love the ending.

★★★★★ Jan Rozich

As Oliver Hardy used to say"'s another nice mess you've gotten me into ". As a former RE guy myself luckily I have never encountered such a obvious set up, but Todd had his thinking mind disconnected when the knockout babe started talking big money. From there it rolls downhill quickly and actually picks up considerable speed at the ending. That all this conniving takes place in South Florida is no surprise...But makes it easier to digest. The love for money is the root of all evil and the roots go very deep in this story. Great characters brought to life by great and humorous writing (as usual) in any JR Ripley story. I loved Todd's mom...what a hoot....and the addition of Mr.Squeals was icing on the cake. Another triumph!

★★★★★ Headly